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Guidelines / Manuals

Guidelines / Manuals

Hello – it`s great to see yo here
Do you want do know more about Germany? (Google Play Store) / Website App

Refugee Guide
A guide for orientation an communication in Germany

News and Information
News for refugees (currently unavailable)

Verkehrsregeln in Deutschland/German Road Safty (App)
Die wichtigsten Verkehrsregeln in Deutschland / Essential rules for road users in Germany

Learn German

German Now
Willkommensbuch – Welcome Book
Englisch (5 MB) | Ukrainian(8MB) | Arabic(10MB)  | Farsi (Persisch/Iran) (8 MB) | Dari (Persisch/Afghanistan) (8 MB) | Tigrinisch (Eritrea/Äthiopien) (9 MB) | Französisch (5 MB) | Somali(6 MB) | Nur Deutsch (ohne Übersetzung)(5 MB)

Vokabelliste / list of words
Deutsch – english / arabisch / urdu / farsi / französisch / pashto / tigrinya / kurdisch

gesprochen / spoken

learn some initial sentences and common phrases and learn something about German culture

Fabulo (App)
offers many different languages

Learn and play German (App)
play and learn for yourself

Willkommens ABC (App)
learn words according to the alphabeth

Deutsch für Flüchtlinge (App)
3 different languages

Say hello
Free German language videos